Direct Primary Care: A Benefit that Delivers

Direct Primary Care DPCDirect Primary Care (DPC) is an alternative payment model that seeks to improve access to quality care and foster stronger relationships between physicians and patients. DPC practices charge periodic, flat fees for services and do not bill third parties on a fee-for service basis.

DPC Network Solutions is a powerful payments platform designed to enable the delivery of a DPC model for employers. DPC Network Solutions performs all benefit administration, enrollment, eligibility, and payment reconciliation functions between employers/employees and physicians/physician networks.

Through DPC Network Solutions, an employer contracts directly with the health network, where employees are then able to enroll in the DPC/primary care benefit. They have choice in selecting a physician for both themselves and each family member – allowing for a benefit that is truly tailored to the needs of each individual.

…the “last mile integration” between employers and Direct Primary Care.

How Does it Work?

Employers and consultants customize the provider network based upon the unique needs of the employee population and plan design.

Employers make a fixed contribution toward employees' monthly membership fees.

Employees select physicians for themselves and their family members through DPC Network Solutions, with full transparency into pricing and services.

Physicians in the network receive regular, consolidated monthly payments based upon patient membership.

DPC Network Solutions delivers a unique value proposition, enabling the carve out of the primary care benefit as a means to better manage costs to the plan.

Primary care is then delivered via DPC Network Solutions through a fully scalable and customizable network of providers, clinics, medical groups, or IDNs/ACOs.

Administrative Simplicity

  • The DPC Network Solutions platform addresses claims inefficiency for primary care physicians and provides a better mechanism for controlling costs
  • DPC Network Solutions enables seamless integration of a DPC benefit or other alternative payment program with the medical coverage – whether partially or fully self-insured, or traditional high deductible

Delivering Better Access to Care and Better Value with a Tailored DPC Network

  • DPC Network Solutions allows for the establishment of a customizable primary care “network” for health plans and medical group captives, designed to meet the needs of different employee populations across different markets
  • Option to select/onboard other primary care networks or clinics to quickly expand coverage map
  • Works alongside and complementary to any PCP model – including near-site/onsite, ACO, independent, etc.
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